Together with partners, EPI has developed several large-scale urban projects including a private- public partnership with the State of Bavaria.

Bamberg, Bavaria, Germany.

Total redevelopment of former Industrial arena on the waterfront of ca. 30 acres and including some listed structures.

Part of the private-public partnership with the State of Bavaria involved EPI gifting ca. 20 acres of the site to the State to develop both a new University Campus and the new North Park – a fantastic public space which hosted the State Garden Show in 2012.

The final development included circa:

5,500 Square Meters of University Campus

800 Student Apartments

3,000 Square Meters of Office and Commercial Space

22,000 Square Meters of Residential 

450 Underground Parking Spaces

Sibuna Bautraeger GmbH is EPI’s own development company and in 2021 completed their third residential apartment building in Berlin.

In all of these developments, the sites were ‘difficult’ with a host of pre-planning issues. With their expertise and experience, EPI succeeded in guiding the projects through all the planning phases and maximising gross build areas. 

Stralauer Allee, Friedrichshain

Blumen Strasse, Spandau 

Hermann Strasse, Neukoelln